Dinner cruise on the Gorge

Dinner Cruise on the Gorge: Nitmiluk National ParkThis was my job, this is what I’ve been doing in 4 months working for Nitmiluk Tours. This is the job I miss the most. I loved it!! 

Everyday I was on the Gorge, I was working on a river that is just wonderful, breathtaking I should say, and everyday I learned new things about it thanks to the sensational tour guides that really loved to teach us everything they knew about it.
Almost everyday I started at 2 p.m. to set the boat and prepare everything to be perfect. Around 4 I got to meet the people that were going to enjoy the dinner cruise and that I was going to serve, I would take their orders and sometimes I had the chance to chat with some them. They would start the cruise at 4.30 pm on a normal cruise boat to see the first gorge, do a small walk to the second gorge where they would take another boat. On the way back we would be waiting them with the dinner cruise at the end of the first gorge.

Welcome drink on Dinner Cruise on the Gorge: Nitmiluk National ParkAs people got on the boat they received a complimentary drink, a sparkling wine with an hibiscus flower (or a soft drink, if they didn’t drink alcohol).

The food on the Dinner Cruise on the Gorge: Nitmiluk National ParkThe appetizer was a mix plate with various vegetables with a little sample of crocodile and kangaroo meat. I had the chance to try it and it was so tasty and tender. I loved it.



For the main course people had the chance to choose between a Barramundi (in the picture) or a Steak. The vegetarian option was halloumi with mushrooms.
I can definitely say that, until now, it has been the best job I ever had and hopefully I’ll go back there one day.Dinner Cruise on the Gorge: Nitmiluk National Park the food

As in every job there are down sides, bad days and people you don’t like, but it’s just like in a big family, nothing can be completely perfect.
Thanks to all the people that made this experience so awesome, from the colleagues to the customers. Miss you all.

Dinner Cruise on the Gorge: Nitmiluk National ParkTo know a bit more about Nitmiluk National Park check here.

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