Farm work, not just a bad experience

If I think now about the 4 months I spent in Gatton, working in the fields, a smile appears on my face.

DSCN0797Ok, the pay wasn’t great, the job was hard and the accommodation wasn’t the best so… Why do I smile!? For the people!!!DSC_0024

People were great, fun and made it a great experience. DSC_1134

We had really bad days together, days where we thought waking up wasn’t even worth it, we’ve been picking all sorts of vegetables, sometimes was easy, others your back would hurt really bad for days. DSC_0735

Some days you would have to “fight” for a job or pretend to be somebody else. But with all of them I would do it again even tomorrow.DSC_0928 (2)If I think about Gatton what comes to my mind are all the fun moments.


Throwing broccolini at each other, the smoko breaks, the smiles while sorting rotten onions or picking green beans. The talks while picking cherry tomatoes and the laughs while picking shollots.IMG_60f90 The mornings (4 am) when you didn’t get a job and you ended up all together having breakfast (sometimes with a beer).IMG_1141

And the parties, the dinners all together, the drinking nights… Every excuse was a good one to stay all together. IMG_3343Meeting always new people from all over the world, people that you probably won’t see again, but will stay in your heart, they helped you when you were in need, they supported you when you thought everything was going wrong. This post is for all of you, the people that made me love vegetables. 😜😜

Miss you all!!

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