Have you done your farm work?

I lived in a caravan park for more than 4 months and I hated it.
You arrive to the caravan park, you leave them your passport, you pay the first week rent and then, leave every hope you have! They give you the key to your caravan and… Enjoy your stay!1969254_10152328067629672_359862207_n

I didn’t hear good things about the caravan park before I arrived, so I almost knew what I would have to face and actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Ok, I saw many people leaving the same day they arrived, or crying when they saw where they had to live for the next months, but I guess nobody told them much about the place.
I was sharing a caravan with a German girl and an Italian girl, really nice girls even if I didn’t get to know them much; I stayed with them just for one month then I moved in a cabine with 4 guys, two Italians, one Canadian and one dutch.
gMost people in the caravan park were European or Asian. Every day you met new people, wonderful people from all over the world, with stories to tell and places they were dreaming of. It was nice to find people like you, people that share your passion for travel, people that left the routine life to try something different.

We were having parties and dinners all together almost every night. I loved it and I actually miss it. It wasn’t an easy period but probably that’s why you get to really know the people around you.

Many days I would think to leave and, like me, many others. But at the end, when you really do leave, you are sad to say goodbye to all these new friends that you actually think to stay longer and you promise each other you’ll meet again.

It’s funny because the world felt so big for me but if feels so small now. Some of the people I met in Gatton I met again in other places of Australia, in Bali, in Singapore, in Thailand…without even knowing they where there.

But lets go back to Gatton.
I was there for one purpose: find a job for 88 days so I could have my second year visa. But… Where is the work? Where can I find a job?
When you arrive at the caravan park the owner gives you a list of contractors to call. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it seams. Even if you call them everyday, if they don’t have any job there is not much you they can do.

pomoThe first month I just worked some days picking cherry tomatoes, the less paid job in the world, it’s 8 dollars for a full bucket, and they didn’t even pay me…
Then I started going outside the caravan park, where the contractors would come and pick workers, every morning from 4 am hoping that somebody wouldn’t show up or that they needed one more person. It was horrible, freezing cold and we were so many that you had to be really lucky.
I started to work a bit more often, thanks to a friend I even found a job in a shed, packing vegetables, but unfortunately it was just once a week.

campiThe funny (not really) thing is that it took me more than 4 months to have the 88 days for my visa and one of the contractor dissapeared without giving me the papers for the days! I would have prefered if he didn’t pay me!
If any off you have any advice on how I can do to get my days it would be really appreciated!1510482_10203579661523091_4573340557833365562_nAnd remember:
It could be worst… You could be living in Gatton!!!

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