Finding Your Focus

What is holding you back from living your ideal lifestyle? Everybody has is own challenges to go throw, but we don’t usually stop to think about them and how to get over them. It took a lot for me to write this post, like it always takes a lot to do anything. Lets see what holds me back:

Complete something I’ve started

I’ve started so many things during my life that I can’t even keep the count… I played the drums, I did many different sports, I started courses, I even started university and left after one year… I wanted to start sawing my own clothes so I bought a sawing machine and all the materials, and now everything is stored in boxes. I started doing jewelry, and it ended up exactly the same of the sawing. Even this blog, I’ve started it and then I left it there. I have 43 draft posts, but none of them is ready to be published.

Stop my fear of judgment

I’m afraid about being judge for anything I do… So I don’t do or, if I do it, I tend not to tell anyone. Even about this blog, I haven’t told any of my friends or family members about it, the few that know about it discovered it throw Instagram. My fear of judgment it’s actually one of the reasons that makes me quit everything and holds me from asking and learning new things.

Don’t get distracted by everything

The phone rings, the dog wants to play, that friend wants to go out, a nice song comes on, mums wants to have a chat, I need to check Facebook or Instagram… Everything is a good excuse to get distracted and procrastinate. That’s probably why it took me a full day to write this post…

How could I focus more and get everything done?

I should start focusing on one thing at the time, turn off my phone, tell everybody in the house that I don’t want to be disturbed, close myself in a room with just a desk and my computer, but more than everything I should start giving myself a chance; no one was born knowing everything, we all had to learn. I have to learn to ask, to have a bit of self confidence.

What holds you back from focusing?


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Blog Challenge Day 1

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