Finding your why

 What comes to my mind trying to figure out MY WHY is a kid asking the why of everything. Do you remember that kid? There is a period in everybody’s life where we ask the why of everything, during that period we are curious, we want to understand. But suddenly something changes and we forget to ask why, and we start to ask where, when, what and how. Most of us know what they’re doing in their life, how, where and when they are doing it; but have you ever asked yourself why you do it? Why you travel the world? Why you do a certain job? Or maybe why you don’t do something?

Do you want to know my Whys?

Why I’m a waitress?

Because the best part of the day for me it’s a good meal, possibly with the people I love and I believe that the time you spend having a meal should be a great part of your day, a part to enjoy and taste something awesome that you won’t forget, and I’d like to be the person that makes it unforgettable. I would be a chef if only I could cook.

Why travel?

Because I’m curious about the world and I would like to learn more than I can from different places and cultures.

A blog about travel?

To make people see and get to know places so that we start understanding other cultures and we can all drop the barriers that divides us.

A blog about waitressing?

because it’s the job I love doing and I’d like in the future to have the possibility and the credentials to be able to help businesses in the places I go around the world to improve their services.

Let’s stop here for now, as I’m actually starting to ask myself why of everything and it’s getting a bit messy in my head. Thanks to Natalie Sisson for all this 🙂

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2

To start you could watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “Start With Why.”, he focuses on businesses but it makes you understand why it’s so important to find the WHY.


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