Koh Lanta, love at first sight

beach koh lanta

Koh Lanta… I fell in love with this island a year ago, when I came here for the first time with my boyfriend. It was my first time in Thailand and it was literally love at first sight! So we decided that this would have been a good spot where to stop for a while. We stayed on the island for 3 months, and now I’m back (by myself), ready to stay here for other 6 months.

bheach koh lanta

But why I love it so much?

It’s just so relaxing

chauchiu restaurant hammock koh lantacat on the hammock koh lanta
The vibe on this island is so chilled. Enjoy the wonderful beaches (my favorite is relax beach), take a massage, attend a yoga class or just lay on one the many hammocks you’ll find.beach koh lanta

It’s uncrowded

hidden beach koh lanta
The island is quite big and even in peak season you can still find a beach where to be almost by yourself.

Fun driving

I love to go around the island on my motorbike. And the bast part? You don’t even need a driving license to hire one.

The diversity

walk national park koh lanta
There are beaches, jungle, cliffs, waterfalls (running just after heavy rain) and caves.

The diving 

I love diving and here it’s so nice. You have a wreck, caves and wonderful variety of underwater fauna (my highlight was the leopard shark, but I hope to be lucky enough to see a whale shark or a manta next time).

The parties

friends party koh lanta
Every night there is a different party, and they are all different. From live music to dj session, depends where you go you’ll find different music and a different type of crowd.

The people

new family koh lanta
The people are wonderful, nearly everyone I met on Lanta is so kind and welcoming. From Thai people to farangs (that is how foreigners are called in Thailand), everybody greets you with a big smile

The sunsets

sunset koh lantasunset koh lantasunset beach koh lanta
I don’t know why, but on this island I probably saw the best sunsets ever. They are breathtaking.


coconut on the beach koh lanta
The best way to start the day? with a fresh coconut of course.. And the best part is that at the bar I go to, when the coconuts are finish they climb the tree to get you one. You can’t have it more fresh than this.

The Food
Thai food is wonderful, but staying long time in Thailand I do get fed up with it sometimes. This is way I love the fact that here you can find any type of food. From Italian to Greek, from Mexican to Japanese.

The beach bars

beachbar koh lantakoala bar cocktail and restaurant koh lantamoloko ber restaurant koh lanta

It’s so nice to have an iced cold beer with your feet in the sand

The markets          
I love markets. They are so authentic. Many different smells, food that gets cooked in front of you, not many tourists. I love them.

The festivals

festival loy kratong koh lanta

From Lanta Lanta festival to Loy Kratong (in picture) the atmosphere during the festivals is just magic.

Animals everywhere

monkey koh lanta national parkelethant koh lanta
Getting around the island you’ll encounter chickens, cows, cats and dogs. Going south you might even see monkeys, huge lizards and elephants (unfortunately they are not roaming freely, but they are chained).

Go now and enjoy this beautiful island while you still can, before it gets overcrowded.

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