Why I love being “just” a waitress? Here’s the answer

I guess all of you know who waitresses and waiters are and what their main duties are; you see them everywhere, they are the ones that serve you in bars and restaurants. Many people do this job just as a temporary job while they are studying or looking for something “better”.
For me has been different from the starter. I started this job while I was in high school and I loved it from the first day! Why I love it?

Simple: you meet many people, you can work everywhere in the world and your “office” can be different every time. I love to take care of people and make sure they’re having a good time, that’s way I don’t mind if I have stay at work a couple of hours more because a table or two is staying after closing time, it means they are enjoying their night out. It’s a never ending learning job, there is always something new to learn!!


I started in January 2008 as a waitress in a pub in Pisa, just to earn some extra money while studying to enjoy my free time with friends. I loved it from the beginning. I was really shy, so going at a table to have a chat was really difficult for me (and sometimes still is), but thanks to this job I started to get out of my shell. It was fun to go around town and having people stopping me because they remembered me from one of the places I worked for. Every place where I’ve worked taught me something.


At “Bar Bamboo” I learned the basics: how to take plates, how to serve drinks and how to introduce myself to a table. I tried to learn how to make ice creams but I was really not good at it.




At “Bar Las Volta” I learn that being behind the bar can be lots of fun and I would have loved to stay more to really learn how to make cocktails and fun shots.



At “Pizzeria Fiorentina” I learned what the real meaning of team work is, I had a new “family” to take care of and that was taking care of me, I learned to be responsible and a bit more punctual. I learned to be myself. I learned the timing of food preparation and how to deal with delays.



At “La Vela” I learned how to take care of good customers, how to deal with strange requests, I learned that not always the people that are working with you know what they are doing and I learned how to teach them the job.



At “Osteria FarNiente” I learned to talk about problems, to support my working team in every situation, I learned how a restaurant works “behind the curtains”, with all the bills and people to take care of.
And more important I learned my value.



At Nitmiluk I learned to organize everything in advance (I was working on a boat, if you forgot something it could be to late when you realize) and to be prepared for every request. I learned that a “family” is never too big and, like in all families, little arguments and problems can happen. I learned that people can be really different out of work and that everybody needs a chance.



Now I’m working at “Moloko”, in just a week I can’t say I’ve learned something. What I can say for sure is that my legs are killing me (do you know how hard is to walk on the sand all day?) and that working 12 hours or more a day, without a break, really makes me tired!!


Of course waitressing it’s not the best job in the world and there are some down sides obviously. Like the fact that you never know in advance when you are going to finish and probably when you do so all of your friends (and boyfriend) will be sleeping and having a social life is not going to be easy. That’s why the people you’ll go out with will probably be people with a job like yours or the costumers that come more often. Some customers won’t be really polite, some of them will stress you, some of them will click, clap or whistle to get your attention (I’m not a dog and for this for me you are going to be ignored for the rest of the night), but after, for sure, you’ll be a better customer when you go out, because you know what can make your waiter upset. You’ll be running all day and you’ll feel really tired at the end (or at least your legs will). Even if I’m trying to find more down sides, I really can’t think of any. I love this job, nothing more to say.


Just one last thing: every restaurant staff (from the kitchen, to the bar, to the waitressing staff) lives on tips, try to be generous!! 😊😊

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