Paradise on Earth: Punta Ala, Italy

Have you ever been in a place where you are happy without a reason? A place that makes you feel instantly relaxed? A place where you can be completely yourself? A place that, as soon as you leave it, you miss it so much that you start to think when you’ll go back? I have!
This place for me is Punta Ala…
Punta Ala is a small village in Tuscany, I’ve been there every year for the summer holiday since I was so little I couldn’t even walk. It’s like home, away from home. It’s a special place, with nothing really special. When you get there it’s like going back in time.
There’s nothing! Just a couple of bars and restaurants. Nothing touristy, no museums, no cathedrals, no statues, there is just a castle and a couple of towers, but they are private, nobody can go in or around them anymore. There is an harbor with private boats, really nice private boats, luxurious ones; many people walk around the harbor to look at them and dream.
And then you have the beach… A really nice and peaceful beach. This is the right place to relax and if you want to get active you have plenty of opportunity: why not learn how to windsurf, sail a boat, ride a horse, play golf or tennis, water skii or just enjoy a ride on the water banana?
The best thing about this place? The people! Every year you get the same people on holiday, everybody knows each other. You make friends for life, people that you are going to see just 2 or 3 months are the people that you’ll keep more in touch with and you’ll always try to meet up as soon as possible. I miss all of them so much traveling.
If you’re new to this place don’t worry if people are looking at you, they are probably just trying to figure out who you are and they might even come and have a chat.
If you do come in Tuscany find the time for this little paradise, it’s worth it, believe me!! This place with his people are almost the only reason I go back to Italy.

Ferragamo made a perfume with the name Punta Ala

and Valentino did his last campagn here

What they say abou Punta Ala:

“While most surged on towards Grosseto, in the heart of the Maremma, we took a right turn shortly after Follonica, a cheap-and-cheerful tourist town on which Italians descend in their thousands in summer. Maremmans like to call it “Miami in Tuscany”. Punta Ala, a few miles farther south, could not be more different. Leaving the main road, you skirt a cool, shady glade of pines where the smell of damp, sandy humus and sweet resin calls to mind the French Riviera. Through the trees you glimpse secluded wooden chalets, smart residences, woodland gymnasiums, tennis courts, an equestrian centre and private beach clubs. If Follonica is the Miami of Tuscany, Punta Ala is the Newport, Rhode Island.” The Telegraph


“The locals enjoy warm waters here all year round and the fishermen never get tired of catching sea bream. It’s the perfect seaside setting, until you turn to look across town and see Hidalgo hill and the evergreen pines that form part of the Le Rochette nature park.”
Maremma Tuscany

This is a video about Punta Ala: Why we love Punta Ala (video)

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