What I liked about Basel


Basel is a city in the north west of Switzerland, on the river Rhine. It confines with France and Germany, witch gives you the possibility for a day outside the border. It’s the third largest city in Switzerland and it’s really multicultural.

What did I like about it?

Public Transport

Trams and buses travel on a regular basis, they are really punctual and if you miss one, it will take between 5 to 10 minutes for the next one. Down side: At night, between midnight and 5 am you’ll have to walk or take a cab as there is no public transport.

The boats

To cross the river, from one side to an other, there are little boats attached to cables for just 2 francs. Ring the bell if it’s a quiet day to let the ferryman know you’re there (or just to complete the experience!).

Let’s go swimming

I wouldn’t personally recommend it, but locals do swim in the river (that is fairly clean). In their break from work (from 12 to 1) you’ll see people swimming around or getting carried by the current. They usually hold a plastic fish in which they store their belongings.

Let’s play.. for children and adults

In every park you’ll find awesome playgrounds for kids, always different and fun (in some of them I actually wanted to go and try, as they looked so fun, just go and check the dinosaur). Plus, for any age, you can find bowl’s game http://www.ticinotopten.ch/en/experiences/bowls-game grounds, table tennis and foosball almost everywhere.

Drinkable water

A bottle of water will cost you between 3 and 4 francs but you won’t need to go and buy it. Fountains of drinkable water are everywhere around the city, if not drinkable there will be a sign telling you.

River Banks

Any time of the day the river sides will be full of people. They play music or a radio, they have a chat and a drink. It’s the meeting point for the young and the less young. If I wanted to meet people I would probably go here.


On this road you can have food and drinks in an unusual setting. All the bars and restaurant are made from waste, making them unique. Old windows, pallets, old furnitures, everything there is having a new possibility, a new life. From live music to DJ sets, with a fire pit for the cold nights those places sit on the river bank, making them really suggestive for sunset. I think they’ll probably be open just in the hot season as I didn’t see any indoor, but certainly this was the highlight of the city for me.

I Need The Toilet!!!

Don’t worry for that, public toilets are everywhere and some of them even clean them self.

Pro smokers

Most places actually have a smoking area. From restaurants to bars if you need a cigarette you won’t need to freeze outside.

Things I didn’t enjoy


Everything is so expensive. Coming from italy I would say that most things are double price or just a little bit less that double. It was really difficult for me to keep a low budget.

Where is the night life?

I’m a night person! I need night life! Most bars and restaurant close at 10, midnight just on the weekends. The clubs close at 2.. I was desperate for the night fun, but I guess it’s just a different timing. Coming from Italy I usually leave my house at 10 pm to go out and I won’t be back before 4 (sometimes even 6) as the night is the best part to enjoy for me.


Nobody works on Sundays and everything is closed. And for everything I really mean everything.

Have you been to Basel? Did you like it?

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