My Perfect Day

On Day 3 of the challenge you had to describe your perfect day, your vision of the future. I never stopped to think about it before. Every time I think of future I tend to think about the next year, it feels difficult thinking about a far away future as I have no idea what I’m currently doing with my life. But let’s try this…

What would my perfect day be like?10488113_739624032773805_7469641907129276608_n     

10 am, the alarm clock rings. Good morning world! It’s a wonderful morning, the sun is shining and I’m still in bed, cuddling with my love! Our house is on top of a little hill, from the window you can see the sea. No noise around. Just us. It’s time to get up and turn on some music. 20 minutes of yoga just to wake up my body, shower and then it’s time for breakfast. We have our breakfast together every morning on our terrace that faces the sea. This is the time where we plan the rest of our day.12932809_746495702118097_5171329376979743665_n

Every morning, before going to work, we do a different water sport, from surfing to diving, from swimming to canoeing. Today we are going diving for an hour before heading to our restaurant. Yes, our restaurant. We have a little restaurant on the beach, and thanks to the wonderful staff we have we don’t need to be there all day.20151209_080818000_ios-2

We go there at 12, just when lunch time begins, he’s the chef while I take care of customers. Lunch time is busy and time goes by really fast; suddenly it’s 3 o’clock and the restaurant it’s almost empty, just a few customers finishing their meals or having a drink on the deckchairs.12923175_10153439257825846_5359458024730304360_n

It’s time for us to go and relax on the beach. We meet with some friends and all together we lay on the sand, we play beach volley, we joke and have fun.12931228_746496975451303_2588744068120007286_n

Around 6 it’s time for us to go back to work. I love sunset time and we always prepare some appetizers to match our drinks. While some people enjoy their drinks on the beach, others start sitting down for dinner. As the sun goes down, we start to light up all the candles to give a more romantic atmosphere.

12933007_746496082118059_7754602892300819437_nDinner time goes by and we sit at the bar with some customers and some friends for a couple of beers. Time to order the supplies for the next day, close the restaurant and go to our friends bar, where some live music makes all of us dance for a bit.10868260_778829898853218_3188298166899136862_n

Time for bed comes fast and it’s soon time to say goodbye to everybody. We go to bed and we are ready for a new awesome day to start.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3


And what would your perfect day be like? I’m curious, let me know

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