Discover your superpowers

We all hope to have a job we like at least, so that every working day will be an happy day. But it’s not always easy. To do a job you really love you have to feel your potencial, follow what makes you happy but most of all understand what, in the long term, can become your occupation. How can you discover your superpowers? Think about the things you are good at and the things that you enjoy doing, and the best way should be to ask the people that know you what they think you are good at, put everything together, and the things that match are your superpowers. Easy isn’t it?It wasn’t easy at all for me to figure something out, but at the end I came out with this.


I love learning new skills! Any type of skills, I would happily spend my days learning new stuff. And I do balieve I’m quite good at it as well.


I always had a dairy where I wrote everything happend to me. If I fell sad, I write. Really happy about something? I write it down. Hangry? I write a letter to the person that made me fell that way (I keep the letter for myself). Am I good at it? I’m pretty sure that my English writing could get a looooot better, but I believe in Italian my writing is not as bad.


I don’t go anywhere without my kindle!! A good book it’s the best companion for most occasions. I couldn’t live without it.


I find it fun to organize everything…stuff around the house, my next trip, a party, a dinner.

Problem solving

Everytime an issue pops out it’s just a new challenge to prove myself. Unexpected problems happen everyday in restaurants, you get use to it, and it gets normal in everydays life.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

So… What are your superpowers?



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