Koh Lanta, love at first sight

beach koh lanta

Koh Lanta… I fell in love with this island a year ago, when I came here for the first time with my boyfriend. It was my first time in Thailand and it was literally love at first sight! So we decided that this would have been a good spot where to stop for a while. We stayed on the island for 3 months, and now I’m back (by myself), ready to stay here for other 6 months. […]

Why I love being “just” a waitress? Here’s the answer

I guess all of you know who waitresses and waiters are and what their main duties are; you see them everywhere, they are the ones that serve you in bars and restaurants. Many people do this job just as a temporary job while they are studying or looking for something “better”.
For me has been different from the starter. I started this job while I was in high school and I loved it from the first day! Why I love it? […]