Travel (almost) for free: save on transport

Bus, Camion, Guatemala, Colors, CraftsWhile traveling one of the main expenses is always transport. Every time you have to get from one place to another or even just around a single city you’ll might end up spending way more than what you fought. There are many ways to try to contain the cost of it.

Travel almost for free Save on transport carpoolSHARING A RIDE

You need a lift? O maybe you have a car and would like to share the expenses of the trip? Carshare can help you! On the following websites you can say where you want to go and when and join other people that want to do the same road as you. The only cost is going to be the petrol, that’s going to be shared between all the passengers. It’s really popular in Australia and Europe, but if you’re lucky you can find a lift everywhere in the world.


Share Your Ride

Bla Bla Car


Travel almost for free Save on transport CAR RELOCATION

I did this in Australia and… Wow!! We had a huge camper van for really little money. Basically companies that rent cars and camper vans need the vehicles back to the original place so, instead of paying somebody to do it, they gave the vehicle almost for free if you take it back! Some companies are better than others, some of them will give you a clean vehicle, some will pay for petrol, some will charge you a small fee.

It’s really easy to find those opportunities in Australia, America, New Zealand and Europe.

Travel almost for free Save on transport hitchhikeHITCHHIKE

Basically, ask for a ride.

Wiki How to Hitchhike

The Hitchhiker’s Guide

Tips For Hitchhiking

Travel almost for free Save on transport Public transportFREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT

Many cities in the world have free public transport. Sometimes is just one o two lines, sometimes it’s all off them. On Wikipedia you can find a list of all the public transport in the world.

Travel almost for free Save on transport WalkWALK

Walking is actually the best way to get to know a city and some times when you see distances on a map, they look way bigger compare to reality. Walk, get lost in little streets that aren’t even mention in your guide. Go and discover new places, unknown places. Leave your map home. You might find new wonderful places. Just remember the name of the place you’re staying, it will be easier to get back.

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