Travel (almost) for free: free accommodation

The first thing to think about when you get to a new place is: “where will I sleep’?”. Accommodation can be really expensive or really cheap, but… what if could be for free?



Couchsurfing it’s an internation cummunity of travelers and hosts. It allows you to stay at somebodys house almost everywhere in the world for free. Once you register on the website and complete your profile, you are free to go. It’s a really fun way to meet people and in many cities they organize weekly meetings and activities everyone can join. It’s a really nice way to meet locals and see how they really live and to meet travelers from all over the world, who knows, you might find somebody to travel with.

Same same as Couchsurfing, just less known there are Be Welcome, Night Swapping and Be Lodge or, if you a cyclist Warm Showers could be your choice.

For Italy you can also view Scambio Divano.

house exchangeHOUSE SITTING

Houseowners everywhere in the world need someone to look after their house while they’re away. You could be that person. You can stay in a whole house, often very comfortable or even luxurious, for absolutely nothing. You’ll need to keep the house in good conditions, sometimes there are pets to feed and play with, plants to water, and other duties. But having a whole house to yourself, for free, is usually worth the minimal effort involved. It’s also a great way to enjoy some home comforts while travelling. House sitting can be just for a few days up to many months, depending on the esigence of the owner.

There are many websites where to find good oportunities, I’ll just list some of them:

House Sit World
Mind My House
House Carers
Trusted House Sitters
House Sit Ads
Luxury House Sitting
Easy House Sitting

House Sit Match

house sit


Unfurtunatly I don’t have a home to exchange, so i haven’t been able to try this method. The principle is similar to housesitting, except that it’s a reciprocal arrangement. You’ll take care of somebodys house while they take care of yours.

Home Exchange
Home For Exchange
Guest To Guest
Love Home Swap
Stay 4 Free



Squat The Planet is the only website I’ve found about squatting.

It’s Illegal in most countries, I have to say that, even if there are around one billion squatters globally. A squatter is a person who settles in or occupies property with no legal claim to it. A squatter may gain adverse possession of the property through involuntary transfer. A property owner who does not use or inspect his or her property for a number of years could lose title to another person who makes a claim to the land, takes possession of the land and uses the land.

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