Who’s your mentor?

Today’s challenge is about having a mentor, a guide, someone that inspires you, that already as the life you are aiming. I tried to think about someone, but I couldn’t come up with any name. Many people inspired me in everyday life, but it’s hard for me to focus this post on only one person.


What I can say is that there is a blog that made me understand that traveling while working was possible, and that is www.aroundtheworldin80jobs.com. I even thought about trying to do the same and so I did; I started traveling and finding a job in every place I went. He gave me the idea and I made it mine. Sometimes I still go and check his website, but unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for long time now.

When I decided to start this blog I booked a ticket for Tbex Asia to get me inspired and to learn how did it all work. I couldn’t have made a better choice. In Thailand I met a group of inspiring girls, they all have a blog and every time I look for inspiration I take a look at what they are up to. Who are does lovely girls? Hannah from Eat Sleep Breathe Travel, Alice from Tea Cake Travel, Annemarie Traveling Dutchies, Rutavi from Photo Katha, Richelle from Adventures Around Asia , Karina from Wisdom Trails, Maarja from Wonderlicious, Christine from NYC Jetsetter and Donna from Haute Culture Fashion.

They opened a world for me, they looked so secure and happy to talk about what they were doing, awesome solo female travelers that rock in everything they do. A wouldn’t say I have a mentor, I would say that my mentors are all the awesome girls out there that made it true, that followed their dreams and found a way to live a life they love.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6


And who’s your mentor?

Let me know, I’m curious

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