Travel (almost) for free: work in exchange of accomodation

campiA good way of saving money on accommodation is to work for it. Every job could be possible, from farming, to waitressing, teaching, painting, etc. A good way is to go in person and ask around, many places will be more than happy to have a free extra hand helping around. But, if you prefer to have everything ready at your arrival, give a look at the following websites.

Risultati immagini per wwoofWWOOFing is the most common website. You can find opportunities almost everywhere in the world. You have to pay an annual fee that gives you a Identification number and the opportunity to work in exchange of accommodation and food. The duration of the visit can range from a few days to years. Workdays average from five to six hours. The host provides food, accommodation and opportunities to learn, in exchange for assistance with farming or gardening activities. The website to check are WWOOF International and WWOOF.

Risultati immagini per workawayWork Away gives you different work opportunities like baby-sitting, construction, agriculture, English lesson, gardening, dog-sitting, reception, etc. Registration as a single person is 22 euro for two years, or 29 euro for a couple or two friends. It’s a big community of travelers and volunteers from all over the world.

Risultati immagini per helpxLike WorkAway, Helpx gives you different jobs opportunities all over the world. Volunteers can register for free and see host profiles, but to be fully contactable and for full use of the site, you need to sign up for a premier membership, which costs 20 euros for two years. It gives you the possibility to find other travelers to go with throw the forum. This is the only one I actually tried until now and I’ve found so many nice and different opportunities.

Risultati immagini per helpstayWith Help Stay you can arrange your stay with Farms, Homes, Art Retreat Centers, Eco- villages, Backpacker Hostels, Surf Lodges, Vineyards, Ranches, Schools, Monasteries and Kibbutzim. Expose yourself to other cultures, experience another lifestyle, share and learn new skills, improve your language skills, all in exchange for a few hours of honest help.

Risultati immagini per barattobbDo you want to travel in Italy? This could be the way. Baratto BB gives you the possibility to stay in a Bed & Breakfast in exchange of a couple of hours a day of work or in exchange of that computer, camera or television that you don’t use anymore.

Risultati immagini per bedandlearnAn other italian idea but worldwide. What can you teach in exchange of hospitality? Maybe a language, maybe an instrument or computer skills. The motto of the website is travel and teach, host and learn.

Risultati immagini per is a social travel network for budget travelers. Host, travel and stay with locals from all over the world for work, for money or for free. From the forum you can get travel advices and find travel partners. Perfect to get involved in foreign lifestyles, to exchange cultures, to learn another language, to try the local cuisine and to have unique experiences.

Risultati immagini per worldpackers

From housekeeping, arts, photography, farming, teaching and a lot more. On World Packers you can find all sort of jobs in exchange of accommodation.

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